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Recurring Events


Weegie Wednesday

Weegie Wednesday now has its own website at: which includes photos from previous events.  Please also sign up to our Facebook site for additional news.

Weegie Wednesday would like to thank Glasgow Life, particularly Arts Development Officer, Simon Biggam, for their continued support.

The Weegie Wednesday Steering Committee consists of: Liz Small, Eleanor Logan, Moira McPartlin, J. David Simons, Ron Grosset, David Manderson, Etta Dunn,Layla Blackwell, Lorraine Johnstone and Ian Skewis.


Highland Literary Salon

For all the Highland Literary Salon events please see their website below. 


WORD PLAY is in its usual home, Tron Theatre, 68 Trongate, G1 5HB Glasgow - Wed 4 June - 8-late.

Theme - A night free of theme and full of verve.

Brought to you with the usual verve and enthusiasm.

WORD PLAY offers an open mic opportunity created by the WORD FACTORY. An event, to showcase work, whilst also providing a chance to participate.

£2 donation towards hire costs etc. All performers should rehearse their work and time their presentation prior to appearance. Please ensure your material will suit a mixed audience.

Slots are restricted to 5 mins max per person, (readers can gauge this by preparing about 3 or 4 short poems or just over 2 pages of typed prose). This limit will be implemented with joyous resolve.

Participation is welcomed from old Respectors and Newbies. Contact Marc @

We are all special people and this month we celebrate this in extravagant fashion, music, word and action. Come along and join the fun.

Word Factory

The regular group meetings are held in the Tron Theatre from 1-3.30 on Friday afternoons. New members are always welcome.


Last Monday in Rio

Monthly readings on last Monday of every month starting at 8pm in the Rio Café

In Hyndland Street. An evening of poetry and spoken word compered by Robin Cairns. Includes open mic session. Admission free. If you would like to read, speak or perform contact robin.cairns@btconnect.comThis e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Reading the leaves – West End

Monthly readings on first Friday of every month, 8-10 at the Tchai Ovna House of Tea The Otago Lane ( off Otago Street and Gibson Street near Voltaire and Rousseau secondhand bookshop) Relax with your favourite cup of tea and enjoy an evening of poetry and creative writing.

For further information or to book a reading contact Nalini Paul at