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Despairing Mary


Set to Music by Mr. R. A. Smith.


MARY, why thus waste thy youthtime in sorrow ?
See a aroun you the flowers sweetly blaw ;
Blythe sets the sun o'er the wild cliffs o Jura,
Blythe sings the mavis in ilka green shaw !"
“How can this heart ever mair think o pleasure,
Simmer may smile, but delight I hae nane ;
Caul in the grave lies my heart's only treasure,
Nature seems deid since my Jamie is gane.


“This kerchief he gave me, a true lover's token,
Dear, dear tae me was the gift for his sake !
I wear't near my heart, but this puir heart is broken,
Hope dee't wi Jamie, an left it tae break.
Sighin for him I lie doun in the e'enin,
Sighin for him I awake in the morn ;
Spent are my days a in secret repinin,
Peace tae this bosom can never return.


“Aft hae we wander'd in sweetest retirement,
Tellin our loves neath the mune's silent beam ;
Sweet war our meetin's o tender endearment,
But fled are these joys like a fleet passing dream.
Cruel Remembrance, ah ! why wilt thou wreck me ?
Broodin o'er joys that for ever are flown ;
Cruel Remembrance, in pity forsake me,
Flee tae some bosom whar grief is unknown !




























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