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Echoes O The Woods O Bowgreen


Set to Music by R. A. Smith.


YE echoes that ring roun the woods o Bowgreen,
Say, did ye e'er listen sae meltin a strain,
When lovely young Jessie gaed wand'rin unseen,
An sung o' her laddie, the pride o the plain ?
Aye she sang, "Willie, my bonnie young Willie !
There's no a sweet flow'r on the mountain or valley,
Mild blue spritl'd crawflow'r, or wild woodland lily,
But tynes a its sweets in my bonnie yonng swain.
Thou goddess o Love, keep him constant tae me,
Else, with'rin in sorrow, puir Jessie shall dee !"


Her laddie had stray'd through the dark leafy wood,
His thoughts war a fixt on his dear lassie's charms,
He heard her sweet voice, a transported he stood,
Twas the soul o his wishes—he flew tae her arms.
"No, my dear Jessie! my lovely young Jessie !
Thro simmer, thro winter, I'll daut an caress thee,
Thou'rt dearer than life ! thou'rt my ae only lassie !
Then, banish thy bosom these needless alarms :
Yon red setting sun sooner changefu shall be,
Ere wav'ring in falsehood I wander frae thee."






























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