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How Tae Win A Bonnie Lass



Air—“Callum Brogach.”


Ye wooer lads wha greet an grane,
Wha preach an fleech, an mak a mane,
An pine yoursel's tae skin and bane,
Come a tae Callum Brogach.
I'll learn you here the only airt
Tae win a bonnie lassie's heart—
Just tip wi goud Love's siller dart
Like dainty Callum Brogach.


I ca'd her aye my sonsie doo,
The fairest flow'r that e'er I knew;
Yet, like a souple spankie grew,
She fled frae Callum Brogach.
But sune's she heard the guinea ring,
She turn'd as I had been a king,
Wi—“Tak my han or ony thing,
Dear, dainty Callum Brogach !”


It's goud can mak the blin to see,
Can bring respec whar nane wad be,
An Cupid ne'er shall want his fee,
Frae dainty Callum Brogach.
Nae mair wi greetin blin your een,
Nae mair wi sichin warm the win,
But hire the gettlin for your frien,
Like dainty Callum Brogach.















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