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Winter Is Gane


Air,"The fair-haired child."

Tannahill's second stanza

Ye mind whan the snaw lay sae deep on the hill,
Whan cauld icy cranreuch hung white on the tree,
Whan bushes war leafless, an mournfully still
War the wee birds o sweet Woodhouselee :
Whan snaw show'rs were fa'ing,
An wintry win's blawing,


Loud whistling o'er mountain an meadow sae chill,
We mark'd it wi sorrowin ee ;
But now since the flowers
Again busk the bowers,
0 come, my dear lassie, wi smilin goodwill,
An wander around Woodhouselee.


Hamilton's first stanza :


Now winter is gane, and the clouds flee away,
Yon bonnie blue sky how delightful to see,
Now linties and blackbirds sing on ilka spray
That flourishes round Woodhouselee.
The hawthorn is blooming,
The soft breeze perfuming,
0 come, my dear lassie, the season is gay,
And naething mair lovely can be ;
The primrose and lily
We'll pu' in the valley,
And lean, when we like, on some gowany brae
That rises beside Woodhouselee.












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