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Air—“Sweet Annie frae the sea-beach came.”


Wi waefu heart and sorrowing e'e
I saw my Jamie sail awa ;
Oh ! twas a fatal day to me,
That day he pass'd the Berwick Law ;
How joyless now seem'd a behind !
I ling'rin, stray'd alang the shore ;
Dark boding fears hung on my mind
That I micht never see him more.


The nicht came on wi heavy rain,
Loud, fierce, and wild the tempest blew;
In mountains roll'd the awful main :
Ah, hapless maid ! my fears how true !
The landsmen heard their drownin cries,
The wreck was seen with dawnin day ;
My love was found, an now he lies
Low in the isle o gloomy May.


O boatman, kindly waft me o'er !
The cavern'd rock shall be my home ;
Twill ease my burdened heart, to pour
Its sorrows o'er his grassy tomb ;
With sweetest flowers I'll deck his grave,
An tend them thro the langsome year ;
I'll water them, ilk morn and eve,
Wi deepest sorrow's warmest tear.

















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